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As a care provider, you deal with a variety of applications.

How many really care about your bottom line?

SigmaMD is a complete care management platform

No need to pay separate fees for a modern EHR, an advanced patient mobile app, intelligent chat, health records, cash billing, etc.

Screenshot of SigmaMD app displaying the list of active conversations a patient has with doctors.Screenshot of SigmaMD app displaying the chat stream between a doctor and a patient.

Chat messenger for sessions

  • Elevate your doctor-patient relationship with real-time communication.
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant to keep your sessions safe and private.

Consolidated health records

  • The new standard enables greater access and coordination in patient care.
  • Give patients access and control over their own health information.
Screenshot of SigmaMD app displaying the list of patient portals connected to a patient's account. It has the hospitals' names and the status of the connections.Screenshot of SigmaMD app for a strep throat condition record. It shows two related educational articles and a list of details.

EHR functionality with a modern design

Streamline your workflow and improve your bottom line.

Screenshot of SigmaMD clinician portal with an open encounter. The screen is divided into three columns: the patient health history on the left, a chat on the right, and a working are in the middle for medications, laboratory orders, etc.
HIPAA compliant

Beta program for care providers

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